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Header covering buttons on mobile view

Something has recently changed in the mobile view of this forum that means that the absolutely positioned header at the top of the screen is now twice as high as it should be, and it is hiding the “new” and “unread” buttons on the index page and the first line of the thread title on an individual thread page:

Here’s an example of the thread view (of this same thread, for added meta-ness :wink:)

I think the Discourse guys updated our forum this morning. I’ll have a read on their meta area to see if it’s a known issue? CC @zogstrip

It looks like it’s probably fixable by making the logo a few pixels narrower.

I think so yeh, I replicated in Chrome when switching to iPhone 5 viewport:

Will have a look at our custom CSS.


I added a custom CSS rule for mobile to reduce the logo width, seems OK now.

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That looks much better now, thanks.