Healthcare VAT Concession


I hope the community can help.

I run a recruitment agency and currently supply staffing support to the Healthcare sector. I have recently been made aware of the VAT concession and think may have got my head round it BUT i have been told if i use umbrella payroll support for these roles then the umbrella company will charge VAT on their invoices as they are not included in the concession.

So effectively I could raise invoices for my clients without VAT (for the roles covered by the concession) but the umbrella would still charge me VAT on their invoices for the same roles, is this correct?

Thanks in advance

Hi @AgentREC,

Apologies that you haven’t had a response to your query. I would suggest speaking with your accountant to make sure that you are accounting for all of the different VAT correctly.

As I am not an accountant I wouldn’t want to give you any wrong advice

This is a question for an accountant, not a accounting software forum.