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HELP- I think ive broken the system


everything was going great, ive spent about a week getting everything running.

i had started with a set of full outstanding transactions on the sales and purchase, and had nominal all sorted as at August, but when i got to my investment account after feeds were setup, i remembered that i had the incorect opening balance on the investments account because some interest my accountant would sort was missing.

i added this then realised the bank wouldnt reconsile as it in the wrong period, so i then change the ‘lock date’ but it wouldnt let me without removing the opening balance that the previous year end had made, so the deleted that, then set the date back, posted the adjustment, then when i went to reapply the year end this happened…

when i look in journals the year end journal is stll there



panic over i think, i went back through the steps, removed journal, removed transaction cut off

i then removed the adjustment i made pre year end, that was incorrect, i removed my opening balanced in full and then reapplied year end, and posted the correct set of opening balances to fix investment account.



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