Help needed with setting up account for "trivial gifts"

Just been ploughing through the information from HMRC. It would seem that a Ltd is able to give “trivial gifts” to employees <£50 up to a maximum of £300 per tax year.

I would like to set up an account to do this in my chart of accounts. Would be really grateful to know how to do this.


Hi @Harvie

That’s correct, the cost of providing the benefit does not exceed £50 (or the average cost per employee if a benefit is provided to a group of employees and it is impracticable to work out the exact cost per person).

Where the employer is a close company and the benefit is provided to an individual who is a director or other office holder of the company (or a member of their family or household) the exemption is capped at a total cost of £300 in the tax year.

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You would however just need to ensure that the balance there doesn’t exceed the HMRC limit in an accounting period

Thanks for the information.

You mention the exemption of £300/director in the tax year. My accounting period runs from Dec to Dec. Does that mean £300 up until April 4 (for tax year 2017-2018) and then a further £300 (for tax year 2018-2019) in my accounting period?

HMRC states:

You can’t receive trivial benefits worth more than £300 in a tax year if you’re the director of a ‘close’ company.

“Tax year”. That would imply that it’s April - March tax year rather than your accounting year. However, I would double check with an accountant or HMRC themselves to be sure.