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Help on coding / categorisation

I’m new to Quickfile and can’t see where to view what category I allotted to previous items. Most items are clear, but some don’t seem to fit any of the options and I want to be consistent.

Is it possible to correct a category if I want to change some items in the light of experience.

Finally I regularly give to charity from my company. How do I categorise this so that it can be taken from profits before corporation tax?

Hi @ajbstone,

If you have multiple invoices which you know are wrong and wish to move these to a different nominal then you can do this however it will move the whole invoice rather than just a single line.

If you wish to move a single line on an invoice then you will need to go into each invoice and amend them individually.

To bulk move invoice you go to Reports > Chart of accounts and view the nominal which the invoices have been posted to. you will then be able to select the invoices and move these to a new code:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Unless there is a different nominal for limited companies I would use “8200 Donations”.



The items I was looking at were not on an invoice as it was a payment via debit card. However I managed to find it via the profit and loss report and then could make the change.
I was trying to find the information on the bank account view and getting frustrated because I could not seem to be able to open the item to see what the codes were and what they needed to change to.

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