Help on inventory/labour

Hi there,

I’m sorry if this is a dumb question but I’m very new to QF and accounting software. I’m trying to setup saved items for adding to estimate/invoices.

Primarily this will be labour (I’m a carpet fitter so, fit carpets, uplift old carpet, etc) but also materials.

I’ve found the inventory management, but can’t seem to work out if this is what I need and how to code the items so it tags them as labour, I’ve also found if I change the Inventory List to Purchase order I can use Productive Labour but then I can’t see how to add that to an estimate?

Please help.

Many thanks

Hi @SimonG

Purchase Order items can only be used on purchase orders. The other two options, however (Sales Tasks and Sales Items) can both be used on a sales invoice.

The difference between them should suit what you need - items have a unit rate and a quantity, whereas tasks have an hourly rate and an hours column.

Ah that makes sense. Thank you. However I’m still confused as none of the options seem suitable for labour?

“Sales Tasks” should be suitable. In the table it shows as “unit cost” and “qty”, but on the invoice it would change the “rate” and “hours”.

Just looking at the categories. Would something like General Sales be suitable then. I’m not so worried about hours as the costs are based per metre

General sales is a generic sales code and is more than suitable in most cases. You can create your own if you wish, but these are useful for reporting. The same codes would be used on your Profit and Loss report for example.

You can view a full list of your codes by going to Reports >> Chart of Accounts.

Ok thank you. So I to clarify.

I can use general sales no problem but everything will come up as one list in reporting

If I create my own codes within the sales tasks then the reports would be more detailed?

They would, you could have income for labour listed separately on your P&L from income for the cost of materials.


Thank you. That’s perfect

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