Help Uploading Bank Statement - Jan 2021

In the past I have been able to upload Lloyds Bank Statements in .qif format, but today when I tried to upload a statement by using OPTIONS, UPLOAD STATEMENT, when I select my bank (Lloyds) then CHOOSE FILE button nothing happens. I’ve come out of Safari (I’m on a Mac) and cleared all my cookies then logged back into Quickfile again but still nothing happens when I click on CHOOSE FILE.

Any ideas please?

Hi @JooneO

If this is when you’re clicking the “Choose File” button, I think this may be caused by a bug in Safari.

There’s more information on this here: Unable to upload Starling statement - #4 by QFMathew

Thank QFMathew, however, I don’t think its Safari causing the problem - the issue was reported in V 14.0.1 and I actually didn’t have that issue with that version. I’m on V 14.0.2. Is there another way to upload the .qif bank statement?

There isn’t another way of doing this within Safari unfortunately. Are you able to try it in another browser?

Just to rule out Safari being the issue, it’s worth trying it in another browser to see if that works. It’s also worth trying it on a different site in Safari and seeing if the same issue appears there too.

Hi Mathew, I have now used FireFox to access my QuickFile account and have been able to upload the .qif file. I find it very odd that I have only had this Safari now, especially as the bug mentioned in your earlier reply applied to V14.0.1 and I didn’t have any issues with that version. Hopefully, Apple will sort this out at some point but at least for now I have a work around. Thank you for helping me.

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