Help VAT HMRC link

VAT link to HMRC cant get it to work

I have changed address and tel number and I cant get HMRC to stop phoning my previous home number. My buyers are getting fed uo with calls!

If you forget your Gov uk login details then you’ve had it.

Worked previously until required by HMRC to update your permissions.

Is there anywhere I can see what my Gov login details when you were submitting MTD last quarter?

Hello @dickdong

This is not something the support team can help with I’m afraid.

You would need to contact HMRC directly.

QuickFile doesn’t know your “Gov login details” at any point - MTD uses a “three legged” authorization flow where you log in directly to the Government Gateway and the gateway sends a “token” to QuickFile that they use when calling the MTD APIs. QuickFile only ever sees the token; your actual credentials go straight from you to the Gateway without flowing via QuickFile.

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