Help with file format for importing invoice data via csv file

I would like to know how to import invoice records into the system using a csv file. There was a link which indicated it was possible but this seems to be unavailable. I am ideally looking for information on the format required

I would also presume that there would be a header and line type structure. Any help would be appreciated as this will help us sign up a new customer on our billing platform (ebillz).

Also is there any other file formats that are supported already, such as Sage Line 50.


Hi @TonyKirby

You can import invoices using the CSV file that match the format in this article. This article covers both sales and purchase invoice formats.

Do you still have this link at hand? I can certainly check this and update where you found it (providing it’s within the QuickFile domain).

You can use a header row if you wish to make it easier to manage. We will discard this however when the file is uploaded.

Unfortunately we currently only support the .csv format, but this is a widely used file format so it often suits users from a wide range of systems.

Are you coming from Sage at all, or another system? You may find it easier to import a Trial Balance report. There’s a bit more on getting started, here

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

We are a software house and one of our customers is hoping to sign up to our billing platform. They need to be able to import their accounts information into Quickfile. Our billing software supports the major accounts software such as Sage and Xero but not Quickfile.

Our requirement to support this format is driven from a sales lead. CSV format is our preferred format anyway.

Would it be better to make a direct link into QuickFile? We offer an API, currently in XML format, but we do have a closed beta on JSON format too if you were interested?

Maybe if we had more customers using the system, to start with we will go with a CSV file and if the demand increases we can look at using the API, thanks.

Will the csv feature be withdrawn anytime soon?

We have no plans to withdraw any CSV imports given it’s universal use.

If you need any help with anything, please don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile: