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Help with Final Accounts - Individual property

I have just started using Quickfiles for our renting business.
We have several properties and we are looking to get a report each month on rent from each property and expense of each property like gas, electricity, maintenance etc.
In addition, we will also be adding company stationery, training expense etc.
I have started tagging individual bills and rent but not sure how to create report for each property to send a summary to the accountant.
Can someone advise if this can be done on quick files? Happy to upgrade to a paid version if needed.

Qf isn’t designed for multiple properties. There is an option to use project tags, which if used you could pull the data for each individual project tag. But I’ve never used it so unsure if it would meet all your needs.

Hi @Pal

As @Paul_Courtier suggested, project tags would likely be the best way to approach this.

You would, in effect, have a project tag for each property, and add the relevant tag to your sales and purchase invoices.

This guide may be of help: Projects in QuickFile