Help with importing bank feed transactions over 21 days old

Help - I renewed my bank feed a few days late. I assumed it would import the previous few days transactions. Now, 4 weeks later, I see that it has not imported transactions for the second week of June. I can only refresh the bank feed for the last 21 days. How can I create or bring in the transactions that are about 4 weeks old? Some of them are things like bank fees that I don’t generate an invoice for so I can’t do it by that method. Any help would be much appreciated.

By way of an update, it’s only the bank fees & loyalty reward that I now need to find a way of entering, as I’ve done the others through invoices & payments.

Hello @EHRHG

At first I was going to suggest just import a bank statement for the missing period

If you just need to enter a few transactions for your fees, I would just manually enter a Money Out transaction on your bank and tag it to Bank Charges 7901


Thank you Steve, I’ve done that now and it was a quick and easy solution. I had not actually realised that we could make entries in that way. Problem solved! :slight_smile:

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