Help with invoicing

Hi, i’m having difficulty with customers receiving invoices and going to their junkmail instead of inbox and also is there anyway to remove the overdue banner at the top left hand of the invoice when sending quotation as these are not for jobs for agreed payment only quotes.

Hi @SmartSecurity,

You may find this post helpful with the junkmail situation: Invoices being sent to junk mail another use has given some examples of how to avoid the spam filters.

With regards to the banner, this may be done using css

Hi @SmartSecurity,

Am I understanding that you are sending invoices for quotes? You may find it better to send estimates instead. These are mainly used for sending over quotes and will not show any overdue banners. Once they have been viewed by the client, they can be accepted or rejected so you know which estimates will need further attention and can then be converted to an invoice if required.

Hope this helps

Hi Sian,

Yes that now works but it doesn’t show my company details anymore is there a way to customize your estimate ?

Hi @SmartSecurity,

There is a box at the bottom of the estimate where you can add details, but the estimate should still show your address etc.

What is it that you’re now missing?

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