Help with Receipt Tagging via Receipt Hub

Please can someone help me, I getting better with Quickfile but still have some issues.
Ive got the hang of photo receipts and can see them in my hub, but i cannot match the receipt to the transaction is it supposed to attatch to the transaction.
I read the help file but mine wont let me do anything other than put in the amount of money
What am I doing wrong please

There’s absolutely no way it’s going to be able to scan that receipt for matching fields if your taking images like that.

You need to capture an image ideally directly above the receipt showing all the required detail in order for it to work.

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Ok Paul, so I need to make sure I take a proper photo? so it shows all the information and then it will link up?

Edit. Sorry I’ve never used receipt hub so I may actually be wrong. I thought qf may use optical character recognition of the receipts to find a matching purchase.

I think in reality it may not, so any amount you enter regardless of image should work.


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Right Im going to get my photo skills sorted then! Thanks Paul I was getting really frustrated couldnt understand what I was doing wrong

See my edited post above. I may have actually been wrong! My apologies.

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Oh no dont worry thats fine I think I might just need to get the pictures clearer anyway, thanks for answering me its good to know someones out there

Enter the amount then hit enter or click outside the box.

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Ive done that and nothing happens look

When you upload a receipt into the hub, it will sit there.

You then need to tag that receipt.

If you have already entered a purchase invoice / bill then when you put the cost in, it will try to match to this.

If you haven’t, then proceed to generate the purchase invoive / bill.

Now, if you have paid from a bank, then leave it, and tag the bank payment to the purchase order.

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Ok sorry if I seem a bit sliiy but Ive not done this before
so am i right in thinking i have to create a purchase bill for the £2.15? then tag that to the amount in the banks transaction?

You can create one first, then tag the receipt yes, or you can generate one from the receipt.

I then leave the bit at the bottom that says, paid, and tag the purchase invoice / bill to the corresponding account, like bank or credit card.

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Ahh ok so for every receipt I get like petrol food etc i create an invoice to match it then it will marry up with the bank ones?
am i on the right lines now?

Basically yes,

So you get £50 of fuel on a credit card.

Scan the receipt, using the app, your mobile, etc and get it into the receipt hub.

Tag this digital receipt, enter the £50 gross figure, and it will generate, create a purchase invoice for you, enter the detail as required.

If you are on bank and credit card feeds, then leave this, don’t mark as paid, unless you have paid cash for example, then you can tick paid by cash, to the correct method used and account. If it’s a personal credit card, then mark as paid to the proprietors drawings / or Ltd Directors loan account.

Now if you are on feeds, the next day, when this transaction gets pulled in, tag this purchase invoice to the credit card transaction, a debit card would pull into a bank account.

Hope it makes sense.

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Yes it does thank you, Im dealing with piles of receipts that are from a driving job to spain so the bank transaction is already in i wanted to get the repcipts married up

Great, also, try to take the receipt flat, from above, so it can be easily read.

Once they are in, and you start tagging, it is quick, just create it to the correct date of the receipt, so the purchase invoice / bill is the same date as per scan receipt date.

Thanks everyone so much for the help it really is appreciated. Am totally new to this and can longer afford an accountant so hence doing it all myself now :nauseated_face:

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