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Help with tagging between accounts


I’ve recently set up a new credit card feed with ClearSpend for Natwest which has picked up a DD payment for a credit card payment.

The same DD is shown on my bank account feed as outgoing.

How do I get them to link up without creating a new entry on either feed?


Delete entry from one account and tag other as interbank transfer

thanks. I can’t remember what I did before, but I am sure it recognised the transfer on both. I don’t remember having to delete one.

Just tag it as a transfer to that account and match it up with that accounts incoming transaction. Its just a transfer

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If you tag it from one account once you select the other account it will look for transactions that match.

It used to only match same day so you often had to delete one entry, this has now been extended as per;

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Ah, okay! I was being impatient. Having clicked on the option to tag the transfer from the CC account it has now found the matching amount in the bank account. All good. Thanks and sorry.

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