Hidden information on estimates

Is there a way to keep some elements of sent estimates hidden, so that they only show on my screen?
I’m thinking specifically that I’d like to be able to make notes relating to the materials (which supplier I’m using, quote prices etc) which don’t get sent to the customer. When I open the estimate I would then be able to see any notes I made.
I’m no QF expert so it might be staring me in the face…

Hi @Dave_M

At the bottom of the estimate preview screen you should see a “Notes” section (just below the event log). These notes are only visible to you and not the client.

Just to add to this, if you have an email address saved for your client you can view the client themselves and use the “Impersonate Client” button at the top to see exactly what the see when they view your invoices and estimates.

Hope that helps!

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