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Hide balance Due and Amount Paid On Sales Invoice

Hi there.

Would like to remove / hide the totals at the bottom of an invoice, the balance due and amount paid. So left with:-

Sub Total:

I’ve worked out how to hide the balance, by:-


in the balance field, but just can’t work out what should replace the 2 ?? in the below.


May seem a strange request, but I never show, or have any pre payments to an invoice, I basically invoice and get paid a month or 2 down the line.

Many thanks

Hi @Eddie_B

I’ve not tested this, but something like the following would hide both the Amount Paid and Balance Due rows:

tr.footer-balance {
     display: none;

This would apply to all invoices, regardless of status

If you wanted to make changes to the invoice total too (e.g. make it bold or bigger), then let me know :slight_smile:

Hi Mathew

Thanks, perfect thanks, works.

Bold would be great also, many thanks


To make the total bold, you would just need a few extra lines. This is all of it together:

.footer-balance {
     display: none;
.footer-net-total .invoice-text {
    font-weight: bold;

Where you see font-weight: bold;, you could also add in a different colour or a larger font size if you wish.

Hi Mathew,

That’s great, many thanks for your help, much appreciated.

All the best.


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