Hide fixed footer on 1st page

Is it possible to hide the fixed PDF footer text on all pages except the last page, i.e. on invoices and estimates containing more than one page?



You can’t do that with the fixed PDF footer, it will get applied to the foot of every page.

There is another footer that we refer to as the HTML footer, this gets appended to the whole invoice. The only thing here is, strictly speaking it’s not a footer as it doesn’t fix to the bottom of the page, but is inserted directly below all the other invoice content. You could experiment with this but I’m not sure it will meet your requirements.

Hi Glenn

I suspected not, it would have tidied up multiple page invoices or in some cases reduced a two page to one, I doubt the HTML footer will help but I will take a look at this, its not the end of the world, thanks for your quick response as always.


If it proves to be a popular request we may be able to add an option here.

For now I will convert this to a feature request and track interest going forward.