Hide purchases in Receipt Hub from locked account years

This may be me washing my dirty linen in public, but I have a good number of purchases from previous (locked) years that don’t have receipts attached. If I type in a common amount when entering my receipts from receipt hub, Quickfile pops up a lot of purchases with no receipt attached, e.g.


Could these be hidden for locked accounting years? This wouldn’t need a control in the Receipt Hub, just a comment adding to the Help popup beside the ‘Total amount’ field, saying “Only purchases from unlocked accounting years are shown”.

Apologies to all those serious book keepers for my poor performance in 2015 & 16 in finding receipts. Much better at it now!

Hello @mlawson

Thank you for your suggestion - we can certainly consider this. We’ll leave this thread open for other users to add their vote/comments below.

Now we can vote - can some other people consider voting for this :slight_smile: