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Hide query invoice


Hi we have used the following in the client area css and global css but have not been able to successfuly hide the query invoice button?

#hypQueryLink {
display: none;

We have a power subscription. Can someone advise on this please


Also how to hide the Estimates tab under Accounts Control Panel please?


Hi @pmlarc

Can I just check if you are on the new or the older client account system please?

There’s an example of the newer area here: Client Area Refresh


Hi it seems we are on the new one do we need different css?


Initially, that’s what I thought. However, it doesn’t seem that you would need different CSS.

I’ve logged this with our team to take a look.


Is there any progress with this please, we paid for a new subscription specifically for this and require this urgently to set this up - this is on a new account. Thank you.


Hi @pmlarc

We released an update around an hour ago, which should have resolved this.

If the CSS is in place and active, it should now take effect on the client control panel. Would you mind checking and letting me know if this is the case for you please?


Thank you that seems to have done it.
How to hide the estimates tab please?


Hi @pmlarc

The below should hide the “Quotes” tab for you:

#nTab3 {
     display: none;


Thank you this worked
Can we hide the settings button too?


What browser are you using? You can find out the details of the thing you want to amend by right clicking it. There’s more on this here:

10 basic CSS tricks for styling your invoices

Although it talks about invoices, it’s relevant to any part of the system.


yes i have looked at this
i have also tried numerous classes from reviewing the results of the inspect element button

unfortunately i am not a programmer and do not know how to turn this off? Can you advise please.


i have been using internet explorer but also does not seem to work on chrome or firefox.


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