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Hide tabs on client portal

I was wondering if there was any way to change what a customer sees when they log is.

I logged in today as a customer and noticed that they can see 3 tabs

Outstanding invoices
Invoices paid

I register all jobs that a customer places with me as an estimate on quickfile, I then convert it to an invoice when I bill the job but often ammendments to the original estimate will need to be made.
I also dont convert each individual estimate to invoices. I convert one and then copy the rest to that invoice and flag the copied estimates as sent.

I was wondering/hoping that there was a way for me to hide that tab from the customers so that they can only see invoices - outstanding and paid?

Hi @Paul87

There isn’t a set way of doing this, but it’s possible you could do it with some custom CSS.

Do you have a Power User Subscription?

@QFMathew Yeah I have a power user subscription

If I add

Will that only effect the client page? or will it potentially have effects on other pages where the same ID/class might be used?

If you want to be sure it won’t catch anywhere else you could restrict the rule based on the class of the body element, which is different for each page in QuickFile:

body.page-clientarea-dashboard td#nTab3 {

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