Hide unused accounting codes from dropdowns

Although you can opt to hide unused account codes when viewing the chart of accounts it would be great to have a setting to enable hiding these codes from drop downs such as when creating payments
Alternatively being able to flag an account code as unused would have the same effect

Do you mean creating purchase invoices? Are you referring to here:

IF that is what the OP means then a +1 from me.
A lot of the codes are not relevant to us and leave a lot of scope for error in a volunteer run organisation.

+1 from me if the OP meant that because i only use a fraction of the codes

Have marked for further consideration, we’ll see how this can be implemented.

One thing to note however is that the drop down uses predictive searching so you don’t really need to wade through loads of irrelevant codes if you know what you’re looking for. Is it therefore more of a case of preventing errors/mispostings?

90% of the time i use general but for the ones that aint that i have to scroll through and work out what it is having only a few of the ones i use will make that bti quicker dnt know about anyone else

we use about 12 codes for almost everything - when processing lots of receipts it takes ages to scroll down to the correct code - stopping mistostings is a nice to have - improving user experience is essential


Yes - there are several places like this where the user is asked to select from a long list of account codes

We’ll certainly have a look at this.

One thing I did notice is within the Receipt Hub we’re not using predictive search menus which would definitely make the selection a bit more time consuming. We shall also look into this.


That only works if you know what you are looking for - for non expert users they haven’t got a clue what to start typing!

I don’t know all the nominal codes by memory so I type a keyword in and see what pops up. Having a predictive search helps a great deal here. We will however be looking at selectively hiding codes, this is something we’re currently working on.

This would definitely be a useful feature. Especially if you have staff / book keeper it can help control correct postings.

This is exactly what I am looking for @Glenn please keep me updated if this is implemented.

Rather than allow nominal ledgers to be hidden we’ve gone one step further and completely relaxed the restrictions on deleting nominal ledgers. You can now bulk delete all non-essential ledgers from the Chart of Accounts screen.

Please see here for more details.

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Thats great but will cause a problem for us - the point of hiding codes would have been to simply things for non financial users - I still want the codes to be available as I may need to post to them in the future.

Hi @Jonathan_Richardson, you can still reuse the codes should you choose in the future. Employ “Create New Account” or “More Options” menu:

We did look at having the facility to hide codes and actually completed a good chunk of the development. There were however many edge cases that were difficult to cater for without lumping on a lot of complexity in the code. Also having the ability to hide codes would most likely require the facility to hide at the user level, this would have extended the development time 4 fold.

In the end we went for a simpler implementation. You can however remove unused system codes and restore again in bulk using the tool we’ve just added.