Historic Debtor report


I have read a couple of forum posts similar to this, but I dont think any asked the same question that I have.
I need to know who owed my money on a set date in the past - i.e “Who owed me money on 30th June 2013”

I have checked over some of the available reports in QF and none seem to allow me to do this.

If I sent out an invoice on the 25th June 2013 & I was paid on 5th July, I can’t tell in QF that this was a debt on 30th June.

From reading other forum posts, I have noticed that this maybe something to do with taking an advanced payment/deposit, which I generally do & then record this on the invoice as paid on account

1 -Have a missed simple setting somewhere?
2 -Is this achievable by a custom report?
3 - Is it simpler for me to make a note myself on 30th June 2014, to check who owes me money & keep a record of this myself somewhere .
4 - Would it make it easier to create an invoice for any deposits taken as a separate invoice.

Thanks in advance,

There is a historic debtor and creditor report. It’s in the report section under “Other Reports”.

It will allow you to enter a date and see what invoices were outstanding at that time.

Interesting but I do not appear to have other reports in the reports section?

On the dashboard, click the reports header in the left hand menu, you will find it in there.

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