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HMRC Agent Account Access Code

Hi, I’m attempting to link my MTD Agent’s account to Affinity. Each time I try this the HMRC page asks me to set up an access code to send a text to my phone/tablet etc before logging in. I have never had to do with with my agent account before, personal account yes but not the agents one, it doesn’t look right. When I login normally via the HMRC website it doesn’t ask to set this up, why is this? I don’t want to have to start messing around with text messages if I can help it, I am in and out of my agent’s portal about 10 times a day and it will be a real pain to have to check texts.

Just editing to point out I’m attempting to link my new MTD agent’s account, apparently we need a separate one to file MTD VAT returns, the older one is no good for MTD filing.

Hello @Mushroom

This would be a restriction applied by HMRC rather than QuickFile.

It may be best to speak with them directly to see if there’s a way to change this, although I suspect it wouldn’t be possible. That said, if it is like the personal accounts, you may see an option to trust your device for a few days.

However, this is something HMRC would be able to advise on.

Spoke to HMRC after a half hour wait on the phone, their online services helpdesk were unable to answer as to why I am being asked to setup a second layer of security when linking my MTD agent’s account when I am not being asked to do so when logging in via the hmrc.gov.uk site. Useless. I’ve been advised to contact them via email for a response within '2 working days but it might be longer because there is a backlog". Typical of HMRC to roll out a system they’re unprepared for.

Just to update, I went ahead with linking my account, put in my mobile number etc and that all went ok. Just logged into my agent’s account via hmrc.gov.uk and it went straight in, no text message required. No idea why, I’m not complaining though. There’s HMRC logic for you.

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