HMRC connect page is for VAT?

Is the Reports > HMRC page (connect to HMRC) intended for VAT purposes only? My Ltd Co is not VAT registered so maybe this page isn’t for me anyway?

I have a failed connection error entry on this page for VIBAS from May last year… know idea why that would be there (then)… and there seems to be no way to remove this entry:

Hi @drmrbrewer

Yes, at the moment the HMRC connect page is only for VAT links. At Making Tax Digital (MTD) grows in terms of functionality, it’ll likely become a central place for all your linked HMRC accounts. But only VAT is fully supported through MTD at present.

Regarding the VIBAS connection, this comes from their account as it would be linked to yours (likely to be from when you’ve worked with them on a tax return or similar).

If you go to Account Settings > Team Management, providing you are the account administrator, you should see the option to unlink the account, which will remove it from the HMRC connections page too.

Hope this helps.

OK thanks, I’ll ignore the HMRC page for now.

Regarding the VIBAS connection, yes I did use them for my tax return, but it was for year ended 31 Dec 2022 so I didn’t engage them until January 2023. I’ve been very pleased with them and will use them again next year.

So they do have access as shown on the Team Management page… I’m just confused as to how there was a failed connection on 04/05/2022… to the best of my recollection I hadn’t even heard of them at that date.

I’d have to double-check, but that date could be the date they connected their HMRC account to their account.

As they would be using an agent account for VAT submissions, it’s independent of your account and any links.
the reason it’s failing however, I believe to be down to them not having access to data relating to your VAT number (or lack of)

OK thanks for the further info.

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