HMRC connection error

Hi just trying to complete my VAT return. all was ok and checking through the generated return. had to modify an invioce but accidentally clicked back onto HMRC instead of VAT returns. this appears to have caused a problem with my link as i now get “HMRC Connection error” “Denied. access denied” is there anything that can be done other than deleting and re-entering the link. its been a few years since it was set up and may struggle with passwords etc.

Hi sorry its ok now so no help needed

Hi @helen-john

We are aware that HMRC were having some intermittent issues. These do seem to have been resolved now, however.

It may be the case that some issues will continue throughout the day as it’s the VAT return deadline. Hopefully, it’ll remain steady :crossed_fingers:

Hi. I attempted to complete my VAT return (MTD method). I thought I was connected but the MTD VAT return page on Quickfile said that my connection with HMRC had expired and I had to reconnect. However going through the HMRC webpage it does not seem possible to do this. It just asks me to find compatible software for MDT which I already have (Quickfile). Please help as I have the VAT return ready to send (with Quickfile) but no connection to HMRC.

Hi @tswage

I’ve moved your post here as the issue is related.

Unfortunately HMRC are experiencing some issues at the moment. We are monitoring it, however, all we can suggest for the moment is to keep retrying.

For reference, here’s the details on our status page: Intermittent Issues | QuickFile: System Health

Thank you. Apparently HMRC has resolved this now, however I have this at the bottom of my VAT return and I’m not sure how to re-authorise a HMRC tax account even following the guidance on the links.

Please note: you have not authorised a HMRC Tax account for online submissions or the account is not yet linked in the VAT settings. This return will not be electronically filed to HMRC

Hi @tswage

Unfortunately HMRC haven’t resolved this. It’s still intermittent.

ok. I’ll keep trying.

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