HMRC Connection

Getting server 500 error trying to connect to HMRC


I got the same

HMRC systems are up the left at the minute. I’ve 7 returns to file and they’re not going through, HMRC agent portals telling me I’m not authorised to act for the clients, then their details appear, then HMRC faile to let me view their details.

They’ve known for a long time this was coming and they’re not prepared, again. Looks like I’m working the weekend.

Just thought I would mention, I received an error message for a client earler from quickfile but I did manage to check online with HMRC then and they had it marked filed. I didn’t receive any email notification though from QF. This is down to HMRC though, as usual they’ve handled their own changes absymally. I’ve tried to call them 4 times and their phone lines are just hanging up as well.

Thanks for the updates.
Feel better it’s not just me.
Let’s hope we are not working this weekend!

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You can view our status page for updates on our services and current status

I’ve managed to connect where I couldn’t before.
Not filed anything yet.

I wonder if this happens more often when the 7th of Feb/May/Aug/Nov is a Sunday…? Surely HMRC plan their capacity for the surge in demand on 7th of each month, but this month the surge will be on 5th as the last working day before the calendar quarters submission deadline.

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Knowing hmrc i don’t think anyone there would think of it!

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