HMRC Failed Authentification

I have signed up for MTD and tried to file my VAT return but authentification failed.
In the user ID box I have entered my [correct] Government Gateway User ID and the correct password.
I have checked with HMRC and the above are correct. I have also had confirmation that MTD has ben activated.

Hi @johnshoots

What error message are you seeing? Are you able to take a screenshot of it please (hiding any sensitive details)?

Hi Mathew

“QF message” is the error message I get if “use MTD Pilot Features” is unticked.
"Message 2 is the message I get if it’s ticked.

I have used the same login info as I previously used to make on-line returns [ie Gov Gateway ID and password] when setting up the QF VAT details.
HMRC has confirmed that I have been accepted for MTD.
Because of this I am no longer able to file a return on line as before.



Hi @johnshoots

Can I confirm that when you done the VAT return, this was showing with the “MTD” label in the corner, similar to the below?

From your screenshots, it looks like it was submitting through the older VAT return system rather than MTD.

The problem appears to be solved.
My middle name was required in the company information box in order to match with my VAT account. As it’s 25 years since I first registered for VAT and, as I don’t use my middle name for any business purpose, this didn’t occur to me before. I only noticed because I checked the printed copy of a previous VAT return.
As I mentioned before, ticking the “Use MTD Pilot features” box brought up this error message …


… and this still happens

The return that was submitted [ with "Enable online filig ticked but not the pilot box] did not have the MTD label but seems to have been accepted.

Can I rest easy ???


Hi @johnshoots

Thanks for the update.

With the MTD returns, there’s be 2 key things showing on the return itself in QuickFile:

  • The MTD label in the top left corner
  • A period key in the top right corner, matching it to a period HMRC expects

If these are missing, your return was not submitted using MTD.

Can you view any details of the HMRC account within QuickFile, or do you always see an error (organisation ID not found)? Can you try disconnecting the HMRC account and re-connecting it again please?

I have deleted and re-entered the HMRC login details several times - and if the Pilot box is ticked, the error message persists. When it’s ticked, it still shows my HMRC account name without the middle name [which is now showing in the Company Information page]. This is the only option showing in the drop-down menu.

As you are aware, when it was left unticked, the return went through.
This VAT return has now been acknowledged as received and processed by HMRC.



If there are no MTD markers on the return (as per the screenshot above), and HMRC have successfully accepted your return, it would suggest you’re not registered for MTD. If you were, they would have rejected the return.

Can I just confirm - when you mentioned you registered for MTD above, did you receive confirmation that you were accepted onto the scheme from HMRC?

This is the acceptance I received when I opted for MTD

Ok, great. That looks like it’s enabled on HMRC’s side of things :+1:

Providing it’s the same account, you should be able to connect and view the HMRC account from the HMRC section (Reports >> HMRC). If everything is connected, I would suggest perhaps contacting HMRC directly, as it would seem everything is setup correctly.

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