HMRC - First digital VAT Submission

I recently downloaded and saved a VAT report and logged onto submit the VAT return via HMRC online but was quickly notified that we had to start submitting digitally via our accounting software.

I have since registered online, received the email and changed the settings within quickfile to enable digital reporting going forward.

My question is, as the VAT calculations were saved prior to all of the above will Quikfile automatically pick up and submit this return or do I need to roll it back and regenerate for that period? As it stands its currently saved within my reports the same way it has been prior to moving across to digital and nothing looks any different.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @dlippiatt

If it’s showing as “ERROR” or “SAVED”, you would need to roll it back and re-submit it.

When you do resubmit it, if you go Reports >> HMRC, you would select the related period and then submit it. HMRC will confirm there and then if it’s accepted or rejected, and you will see a correlation ID as proof of submission.

Hope that helps!

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