HMRC hasn’t processed my VAT Return


I have posted my vat return back on May 3rd but haven’t had the money taken away from HMRC or confirmation from them

Could you help


Hi @Luke_Walker

If you pay by direct debit they usually take money around 12th of the month. But you can check the submission prior to this.

  • If you go to Reports >> VAT Returns, does it show as “Submitted”?

  • If so, if you view the return does it have a correlation ID at the top?

  • If it was an MTD return, if you log into your HMRC account and go to the MTD VAT section, you should be able to see the return there too.

It’s worth noting that since MTD the process changed. With the older return system, we could submit your return as HMRC could reject it shortly afterwards with an error. With MTD returns they would reject it at the point of submission. As a result, there is no email confirmation as having the correlation ID at the time of submitting the return would confirm HMRC has accepted it.

Hope this helps!

Hi @Luke_Walker,

Have you managed to resolve this with HMRC?

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