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HMRC Linking Issue

I have been enrolled to provide VAT returns through MTD and attempted to create and send the latest VAT return but was met with a message that this requires reconfirming as 18 months has passed since initial linking was set-up. I’ve followed forum guidance including the following reference but re-linking fails. I have tried various options including removing and granting authority to HMRC but it continues to fail. HMRC have said that I need to organise this with Quickfile but I follow the instructions, tick all the required boxes, grant authority and it continues to fail. Advice would be appreciated. Thank you Making Tax Digital: Troubleshooting - Knowledge Base / VAT - QuickFile

Hi @TimC,

If you hover over the failed status you will see what the error is. I believe I have located your account and can see this error:

This may mean that you have linked the wrong HMRC account?

Thanks Beth I have attempted to link it to my Government Gateway reference that I have for the business. Are there potentially multiple ones?

Some people do have more than one account, Have you tried logging in to that account outside of quickfile to make sure it’s the right one and that its signed up for mtd?

Thanks Beth this is now resolved. The request for granting authority was automatically taking me to link to a Government Gateway Account so I had to cancel this and redo to grant it to another gateway account

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