HMRC - setting up annual accounts submissions

Hi All,
I am attempting to file my first annual accounts with HMRC. Can some please either link or explain to me step-by-step what I need to do in order for HMRC to connect to QuickFile? I am a bit stressed as the deadline is coming up at the end of this month and it is the first time I am doing both the accounting bit as well as setting up on the technical end.

Any help much appreciated,

Christian (Director)

Hi @y0c4

The submission of the year end accounts isn’t yet supported through Making Tax Digital (MTD), so this isn’t available within QuickFile itself.

Do you need the accounts to be prepared too, or is it just the submission that you’re having issues with? We work with a panel of accountants who may be able to help in both cases; we can certainly point you in the right direction for this if you wish?

Yes I do need help with the accounts as well. This Ltd uses a platform to trade various financial instruments as I have described here HMRC - setting up annual accounts submissions

Can you point me towards an accountant services company that may be able to assist?

Of course!

We have a directory of accountants who are familiar with QuickFile, here: