HMRC VAT Return won't allow access to amount boxes

Return won’t allow access to amount boxes - I have a VAT return to submit, it’s my third on Quickfile, but the system won’t allow me enter numbers, by any means, into the boxes. It lets me create adjustments with amounts, but refuses to submit without notes, which I don’t have, because these are not adjustments.

Why won’t it allow me to enter my amounts into my return?

Because it’s not permitted by HMRC under MTD rules. Your VAT return box values must be derived from your digital accounting records with no manual transcribing or copy/paste of totals by hand.

If you’re using software other than QuickFile to keep your master accounting records and QuickFile only to submit the return to HMRC then you need to get that other software to calculate your return box values, export the calculations from there as CSV or Excel, then use the “bridging module” in QuickFile to upload the CSV and submit the values to HMRC.

Even with the bridging module the rules are the same, you must keep your master records digitally and there must be an unbroken chain of digital links from there through to the return submission with no manual pasting or transcription - in particular it is not permitted to simply create a return spreadsheet by hand and upload that to the bridging module, if you were to be inspected you would have to demonstrate the chain of digital links that shows you are operating within the rules.


Thanks, apparently, that’s true, so that’s what I’ll do, I guess. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a little pointer/note or something, why does everything have to be so cryptic?

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