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How do I claim for home office expenses on my account. I am a sole trader, my phone bill, broadband, home insurance are paid through my bank account, but my mortgage is paid thriough my wifes account. How do I enter this and what percentages are allowable for business expenses. I have read on here that there is an amount that can be used, I think it was £18 a month?? If that is the case how do I enter that.

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There is no easy and quick answer. It depends on a few factors. It’s probably best to ask your accountant and/or read a few HMRC articles. A good start would be:

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This can be helpful Basic guide to Business Expenses for Tax

Thank you for your advice I will try the guide to business expenses as I have read the government web.

The most straightforward way is to claim the simplified expenses for working from home as detailed here Simplified expenses if you're self-employed: Working from home - GOV.UK
which you can use as long as you work more than 25 hours per month from home. You do have to work out how many hours you work from home each month, and make sure to claim the correct amount each month, you can’t just apply it across the whole year.

You can work out a proportion of your costs but this is far more complicated.

In addition, you can claim a proportion of your phone bills, based on the percentage you use your phone for business.

To claim, simply enter a journal which would debit “Use of home” and credit “Proprietor Drawings”. For telephone, the debit would obviously be to Telephone costs instead.

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Thank you that is exactly what I was looking for. Appreciate the help.

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