Hosting fees and broadband costs

Looking for clarification on the above. I am a sole trader and have my own website (written myself). I have a home office, used almost exclusively for business activities. I have taken guidance from an accountant and claim various costs (incl broadband) as use of home as office and post the total of these to nominal 7850 (use of home as office). Obviously I have broadband coming into the house from an internet service provider - used for private stuff and business work. I also pay an annual fee to a web hosting provider (for my website and domain). This is 100% a business cost. Question - should this go to nominal 7506 (hosting fees + IT consumables) or 7503 (broadband, internet and fax)?

So just to clarify, the question is should hosting be posted to the hosting nominal? I’d have thought that would be fine.

Thanks for your comments. On closer inspection, I note that in the 2014/15 tax year, I coded a small element (approx £35) of hosting costs to nominal 7503. On reflection (and as discussed), this was not strictly correct, but as I have closed my yr end, and submitted my return to hmrc, I assume there’s nothing I can do about that retrospectively?

It won’t make any difference what you put it down as really, it’s all on the same side of the P&L list. I personally don’t categorise any of my purchases as there’s no real need.

Apart from items that aren’t deductible the categories are more for your convenience than for the taxman’s