Hourly rate vs day rate on invoice

Is there a way you can override the total cost in an invoice or change the hourly rate to a day rate?
I have a client who pays £250 a day and a day is 7.5 hours when I enter £33.33 per hour for 7.5 hours the day rate is not quite right - how can I make this work?

If you go to ‘Account Settings’ and select ‘Invoice Customisation’, you can change the text for time (e.g. Hours, Days etc).

However, this would change all invoices and not just future ones. Do you normally charge per day?

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You can’t do this for a specific invoice but you can set the header label at the account level, in Sales >> Invoice Customisation.

Are we sure about it? it should not change existing invoices?

It does…It’s effectively just changing the label on the invoice nothing more. At the moment there’s no way to mix different invoicing time denominations.

I have tried creating new invoice on per hours rate basis , it was on unit cost basis, it did not effect the existing invoices, i can still see the unit cost heading on old invoices and per hour on new one

Just going by what the actual screen says in all honesty - never really tried it myself

Is that not about itemised vat and not between unit cost and per hours rate basis?

I read it more as the time denomination. But maybe @Glenn could clarify?

The “Applied to all invoices past and present” only relates to the time denomination field. The itemised VAT message relates to a check-box above that is cropped out of the picture.