How are ledger items calculated from?

I’m an infrequent user of Quickfile, and have just logged in to see the new changes. Apparently my account is classified as ‘Large’ and there are 1363 ledger items. However, I have only ever generated ~160 invoices over a period of three years. Also the last time I entered a purchase was over a year ago, where are all these items from?

Hi @Vynewood

I don’t work for QuickFile, but I’ll try and help. Things to bear in mind are this activity is calculated based on nominal activity, which isn’t necessarily an invoice or purchase. This would also include journals, bank transactions etc.

For example, my main bank account has 403 entries in the last 12 months - that’s just one bank account. Another account I have has 120 entries. I’ve found this out from an account back up, and opened the file in Excel. On top of that, you would have invoices, purchases, journals etc.

I don’t think there is a quick way to view all the nominal activity in a click, however I would think this is a good idea.

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A VAT bearing invoice would have 3 ledger entries, non VAT would be 2. It’s likely that the difference is made up of bank entries.

Later today I will produce a short guide that will demonstrate how you can verify the ledger entries, it’s basically a case of pulling up the Chart of Accounts and setting the period to the last 12 months then drilling down on the entries.

I’ve pulled up the Chart of Accounts and set the period to the last 12 months. What do you mean by ‘drilling down’?

Drilling down into the ledgers with activity for that period. Look for the blue magnifying glass.

I can find a total of 60 items under 4 categories for the past 12 month period, I still don’t understand where 1363 items are coming from

Thanks for making that guide. You’re going to think I’m an idiot, but that’s exactly what I’ve already done. The total is still 60 items for the past 12 months. I can’t find the discrepancy.

I sincerely apologise, it way my fault, that guide was actually not providing an accurate measure in all instances (now withdrawn).

My advice was based on the nominal entry date when in actual fact the totals are derived from when the record was created. Based on that method, yes you only have a relatively small number of entries.

There are however entries posted to 2013 and 2014 on your account that were inserted in the last 12 months. If you look at the PayPal accounts I can see over 800 untagged entries, each bank entry would be comprised of 2 nominal entries.

I’m going to see if we can get a dedicated report setup in the next week for displaying ledger counts, so leave this with me.

Hey Glenn, just following up with this. Is there yet any way to find out where all my ledger items are coming from?

So it seems from my report that every item I enter (purchase or income) actually counts as three items. If I enter a purchase, it exists as that purchase (in General Purchases), and also the payment associated with that purchase, and also on the Creditors Control Account (which I cannot edit). Is that correct?

Hoping to get this report live by the end of today.

This is what a typical (non-VAT) purchase will look like:

So a typical purchase counts as 4 ledger items?

If it’s paid yes that is correct, unpaid would be two ledger entries (or three if there’s VAT on the invoice).