How can a search to get a list of Salaries and Dividends?

Can anyone tell me how I can get a list of all Salary payments and Dividend payments? Thanks.

Try advance search on bank screen
OR you can see chart of accounts as well

Thanks for your help. I’ve tried those suggestions but neither give me the option to search for a list of bank items tagged as salary. The advanced bank searches on Reference and Notes but not Tag or Transaction Type. The Chart of Account enables me to see the total for Salaries but I can’t get to a list of entries I can edit. The only way I can find them is by doing a bank search using an Amount Range which isn’t ideal.

Have you tried going into the relevant ledgers?

Click on the reports menu and go into the Chart of Accounts. You can then drill down on the following nominal ledgers. From there you can refine your search using an amount or date range.

  • 7003 - NET Staff Salaries Paid
  • 3102 - Dividends Paid
  • 7001 - Directors Salaries

Thanks Glen, that’s helpful. However with multiple dividend payments a month of varying amounts I’m going to pick up a lot of entries I don’t need. A Tag search on the banking page would perhaps be a good addition.

When you tag the dividend on the bank you can introduce your own tags:

When you search within the ledger (3102), you can then enter the tag prefix and retrieve those entries.

Yes that would work. Will do that next time! Thanks.

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