How can a Statetement Show Payments Received and not just as a Credit, please?

Hi there
How can I make statements show payments received exactly as banked, please? Not just the amount allocated.
A number of clients have questioned why their statements say that they paid less. This is because only amounts allocated are shown which often are a portion of the payments made by the client. And on top of that, the description is “Payments Received” which is misleading.

For example:

  1. A client paid £1050 but only £650.60 was allocated to an invoice.
  2. The statement indicates “payment received” as being £650.60 as supposed to the correct payment received at bank which was £1050. Someone thought that I had made a mistake by saying that the payment received was just £650.60 when they in fact paid £1050.
    This is very frustrating for them and hard for me to defend because statements should indeed list full bank and cash receipts as recorded, not as allocated.

I hope you can help :slight_smile:

Hi @Alicia

The main statement itself will list any payments received attached to an invoice. Each line would represent an invoice that’s been paid. So if a client pays invoices in bulk, they may see that payment split down into a few lines here.

The description of “Payment Received” relates to the invoice in the “Reference” column, so it should show that a payment has been received against that invoice. However, please do let us know if you’re seeing different.

The prepayment will be shown in the top right corner in the “Account summary” section.

I hope this helps.

Hi Mathew

I am really sorry but no; having a payment received shown as a split according to allocation does not help at all and I have been shouted at over that. In the end I had to produce manually a handful of statements on Excel to apeace some clients.

Moving forward, I cannot fight clients over this so I must ask: May I have each payment received shown on a separate line, please? Not more splits and any overpayment bizarrely appearing as a “credit” at the top?

I need the ‘payment received’ to be the exact amount that the client paid, not a part here and another part there just because a payment may be used to pay more than one invoice. That is really difficult to explain when a client thinks that a business is not recording their money(!)

If that cannot be done, would you recommend a programmer who can, please?

Thank you Mathew

Hi @Alicia

If you want a complete list of payments, including prepayments, if you view the client in question and go to View >> View All Payments, you can select and export the list from there.

This will give you a breakdown of the invoices it’s assigned to, and any unallocated payments (prepayments).

For example:

It may be possible to generate something using the API. Best thing to do is to post the query in the #marketplace category.

Hi Mathew
That list of payments is not going to provide a statement to the client showing exactly what was invoiced and what was received from them. Why receivables have to be shown in split form according to allocation is frankly beyond me.
I guess the “genius” who thought about that never had to explain quickfile statements to a client.
Thanks anyway. I appreciate your reply.

Hi @Alicia

Many of our features and enhancements come from user feedback.

I don’t believe this is something that’s been raised before, but you’re more than welcome to post some suggestions in the #feature category (e.g. constructive feedback, like what you would like to see and how you would envisage it working), and we can monitor the user interest in this request going forward.

The way QuickFile works it doesn’t really have a concept of a running balance on a client’s account, everything is done in terms of invoices (paid/unpaid/part-paid) and payments (allocated or unallocated). While this is necessary for VAT purposes (if different invoices have different VAT rates on them then you have to know exactly which payment relates to which invoice to get the numbers right for cash accounting) it means that there’s not really any way to get a report like you’re after along the lines of

  • 1st July - invoice for £100+VAT, balance £120
  • 5th July - payment of £210, balance -£90
  • 7th July - invoice for £75+VAT, balance £0

It would probably be relatively straightforward to create something in Excel from a combination of the CSV exports for all invoices in a date range and all payments in the same date range, but you’d still need to work out the “opening balance” for the start date, probably by listing all invoices and payments from before that date and adding them up - like I say QuickFile doesn’t provide easy access to the client’s running balance at any date other than today.

I think we are not on the same wave… a sales statement is much simpler than that regardless of VAT. Quickfile just complicates receipt entries by showing them in split form on the statements. All I ask if to have exactly the amount received on account as is on the bank statement i.e. not split(!)

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