How can I change my password?

Hi, How do i change my password from one to another on log on? Also, can deposits be deducted from capital costs on invoices. Thanks dynamic v

Account Settings > Company Settings > Team Management.
Scroll down to change passwords for other team members.

Have you accounted for the deposit with an invoice or have you simply held it on account as a pre-payment?

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Hi, i have simply held it in an account as a prepayment. But would like to show it as a deposit of the final invoice

In those circumstances I would raise an invoice for the deposit and pay it from the balance on account without mailing it to the customer.
Then raise an invoice with a line for the full amount followed by a negative line to show the deposit.
Just make sure that all three invoice items go to the same category and everything will balance and the customer will see the deposit as a separate line on the invoice.

Just to add the usual disclaimer - I am not an accountant this is just how I would do it with one of my customers.

Hi, how do i do a negative line? i can only see a plus sign? thanks

Hi @dynamic_v

The plus button only adds a new line. In the value box, just add a minus symbol in front of the figure, and it will register as a negative value.

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