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How can I change the invoice text colour?

how do i get the text coloured in the estimates and invoices

Hi @pelican

It can be changed by customising the template. Is it the actual text of the invoices you were looking to change, or just a part (e.g. the title)?

just text in item lines of invoice (description Field)

Ok, no problem at all.

The colours work in one of two ways - either in RGB (Red, Green, Blue) or hex. You can pick a colour at this link just by clicking on the colour. This will give you both the hex and RGB values on the left:

You’ll need either the hex value (starting with a #) or the RGB value in one of the next steps.

To change the colour, click on the invoice style gallery from the invoice preview:

Click “Customise this style”:

Find .invoice-items-body-cell and add one of the below between the 2 curly brackets:

/* As hex */
color: #FFFFFF;  /* Where #FFFFFF is your hex colour */

/* OR as RGB */
color: rgb(255,255,255);

And save. Your invoice line colour should now change to your new colour.

If you get stuck, please let me know :slight_smile:

so were i type this code to change the colour of the chosen text in the invoice line?

Once you’ve selected “Customise this style” you will see a CSS editor open on the right. Look for the .invoice-items-body-cell line, and place the colour between the 2 curly brackets.

For example:


I want to make the text on one line go red to high light a point , is there no easy way to do this?

Ah sorry. I think I misunderstood your query!

If you’re looking to make just part of an invoice a different colour, you can apply the same principles with a bit of HTML.

For example:

<span style="color: #FF0000;">This is red text</span>

Just put the point you’re highlighting in between the two <span> tags, and use the colour (using the method from above), and away you go.

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thank you that is what i wanted

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