How can I check recurring invoices are sent?

I have just started with Quickfile and it looks great and love the recurring invoice feature. I set myself up as an email recipient for one of my clients to test the system but even though QF says that the invoice has been sent I never received it. When I then sent myself the invoice and a CC I got both copies so having read some of the articles here it seems that my server will accept emails from QF but where is the recurring invoice as its not in my junk mail nor treated by spam at the server or have I done something wrong?

you can login to customer area to see invoices showing there too

You can also go into the recurring invoice preview screen and check the event log, this will show a list of all invoices dispatched along with the email address to which it was delivered.

Email is never a guaranteed delivery method, it’s more problematic when sending emails through a 3rd party server. There’s two methods for improving reliability here:

Improving email reliability

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