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How can I choose bank feed start date? Setup date is picked by default(!)

Hello QuickFile

I am trying to connect NatWest bank feed to my new accounts on QuickFile. I have read your instructions on how to do this and the step where I get to choose the bank feed start date.
Unfortunately, the option is not showing on my screen so, only today’s data is showing on my feed.
What am I doing wrong, please? Is there a setting I need to turn on beforehand? I have tried for an hour but I am really lost.

I hope you can help.

Hi Alicia, you could download a CSV file from your NetWest bank account and upload it to quickfile for all old transactions (before today). I am not with NetWest but they may don’t support the open banking feed to get older transactions (the maximum days are anyway only the last 28 days, I think). It is also possible that the date is more for future settings, for example, if you want to start the feed next week Thursday.


Thanks for your kind reply.

I recently conected another client to another accounts program and I was able to see transactions as far back as 2018 so, NatWest bank feed does allow historical data pooling.

I have done what you said and I have imported a cvs file however, there is only one details column imported and I have two a) payee name and b) payment ref. It is going to take me ages to allocate bank receipts to sales.

Have a lovely Sunday! Alicia

When you upload the file have you tried “other bank” instead of NetWest, there you can choose the column.
It is may worth to wait until Monday when QFMathew is back. I think they can may get more data from a feed in the background.

Hi again RHC. Yes, I did choose “other” as per instrucitons and I proceeded to map the columns but only one “details” column was available. Thanks anyway. Alicia

I wished I could wait until Monday. I have homeshcooling children at home whose teachers are not teaching them, even remotely so, I do the bulk of my work during evenings and weekends until schols open or the holiday club. This is my first break since 7:30 AM :weary:

Name and reference is on one line with NatWest, shouldn’t be a problem, mine works fine.

I know the first time I set mine up, it did duplicate a few transactions on the first pull in, but you can delete the duplicates. Afterwards, it will be fine.

I know NatWest hold statements for 6 maybe 7 years.

You can choose the date range withing NatWest to download.

Hi Eddie_B

I don’t know what info you get from NatWest that gives you name and reference in one line. My downloads actually have 5 different description columns but my core data is on the first two like so:

Note the headers. Those are exactly as I download them from NW Banknine.
Thanks, Alicia

Welcome in the club. I know what you mean. I have to do homeschooling as well, and cook, baker, dishwasher, kids entertainer, laundry washer, ironing and so on, and in-between, before and after I do my job and bookkeeping. But that is not what you ask for :astonished:. You may have to change your columns in Excel or Libreoffice. I know it is a lot of work. If you record a macro then it would be much easier the next time, if you need to do it again. Sorry, that I can not be more helpful.

Gosh! I merely told you why I could not wait until Monday! Sorry if you don’t like “small talk”. I didn’t mean to undermine the work you do. It actually seems like you are quite a super-woman. I use a washing machine and my husband does the dishes after I cook so, “chapeau” to you!
I just completed my first batch and I am going to get a nice cup of tea before continuing so, thank you for your advice.
Have a fabulous Sunday afternoon you too!

I am not superwoman, definitely not :laughing: and I like smalltalk. I think we misunderstood each other.
However, here is a link to a YouTube video on how to get 2 columns into 1 in Excel. May it is of any help. It’s quite easy and quick. You could then upload the amended file to quickfile.
Have a nice Sunday too.

I am asking about QuickFile because I am new to it.
Concatenation is basic Excel even my 12-year old can do. Thank Godness I can manage that! :rofl:

I just don’t want to mix “apples and pears” so, I better crack on. Thanks!


I checked my download from NatWest, and get the following lines, but I did not change anything when I did file upload, before bank feed.

Loaded up all fine, into correct colums.

Date, Type, Description, Value, Balance, Ac Name, Ac Number

The description field holds the names, and reference,

So for example, my description field holds on one payment the information as:-

***** bank, 0000 0000 0000 0000, via online, 28/06/20, long reference number

0000 0000 0000 0000 would be the number, and long reference would be numbers and letters.

So as you can see, mine as quite long, and have no problems with bank feed, or when I uploaded from when I started.

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Thaks for that Eddie_B
Are you able to see the originator name as well as the originator’s reference given by then, please? I hope that makes sense. I am not referring to the various digits that NatWest throws in the mix.
Kind regards

Hi, yes, all in the description field, some of mine are very long.

So in quick file on the bank statement view, you get:-

Date, Reference, Money out, Money in, Balance

Basically, the description field from NatWest goes into the Reference field in quick file, with the information as you asked above.


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Also when I get paid on my invoices from bacs, and the customer changes the reference number (their end) to the corresponding invoice number, I get that come through to.

If you can’t see all the info within quick file, click on the description, and press the right arrow key, it will scroll all the text, as the view is limited to your screen width, so you may not be able to initially see all the text, but it is there.

Hope this helps.

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Oh, OK Eddie_B.

I’ve never come across such amalgamation but I understand that that is the way. Thank you!

I will try and view the info when my bank feed works. I work on two screens so it should be fine however, your advice is noted. Much appreciated.

I am rather puzzled by this but hey; it is a very good program for the cost.

Have a lovely evening!

Hi @Alicia

Under Open Banking, you should be able to pull in up to 28 days prior to your bank feed set up date. This can be done when you first enable the feed on your account.

If you’ve seen, or are allowed to go further back, this would be at the discretion of the bank, but generally speaking it should be 28 days.

If you missed the date entry when enabling the field, just let me know and we can do this from our end :slight_smile:

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Morning QFMathew

I thought you might follow up on this… thanks!

I am about to finish before my kids homeschooling start so, there’s no need to bother you as well.

Now that you mention it; I most definitely missed choosing the start date because I don’t recall being asked by the system. Totally my fault, of course, as I saw it afterwoods. I need to slow down and read things first, lol.

Have a great day!