How can I customise the statements and change my email address?

Hi I sent out a monthly stament to a customer. the email shows ian.smith @ …how do i change that to my defualt email. secondly i want to offer my customer 60 days to pay. i need that to reflect on the bottom of the statement. 30.60 90 day balance as opposed to the number of days outstanding. can i alter this at all…

Hi @Ivan_Gilzean

Do you mean the “Questions” part of the statement, or the email address they’re sent from when you email them to a client?

The boxes along the bottom are fixed, although it’s likely you could alter them with a bit of CSS if you have a Power User Subscription.

The boxes are normally a standard part of statements. The due days however are reflected in the actual lines of the statement, which highlights when they are due, or if they are overdue.

I hope that helps!

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