How can I disable Stripe for all by default then enable selectively

Is there a way I can disable Stripe payment by default and then enable it for specific clients. I know I can disable it for individual clients but that means going into each one now to disable and doing that for each new client. I want Stripe to be enabled as the exception rather than the rule.
It would also be beneficial for that to be the case with the link on pdf invoices but this can only be toggled globally.
Any ideas?

Hi @tc5440

Unfortunately this isn’t supported at this time. However, I have converted this topic into a feature request. Feature requests are regularly monitored and if there is enough interest in them the development team does look at creating the feature.

As a workaround however, if you have a Power User Subscription, you can use a custom script to tick the box by default.

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Thanks for the reply and converting to a feature request. Could you give me a clue on the script as that is new to me?

Hi @tc5440

There is a guide on that here: Global Scripts

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Would you say this is the correct script ?

//Set Disable Stripe as Default

and will that automatically action all existing contacts or just new ones?

Hi @tc5440

Try this:

$(document).ready(function() {
    //Set Disable Stripe as Default
    $(".page-clients-modify #chkpspRestrict_E").prop("checked",true);

This will work for any client when you modify them. As soon as you open the “Modify Client” page (which is the same page as creating a new client), it will tick the Stripe box for you. It does mean that you’d have to modify and resave any existing clients for this to take effect.

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