How can I do cash flow forecasting when using quickfile?


Please, could you advise me how can I do cash flow forecasting when using quickfile? I know that this feature is not part of quickfile yet, but would anybody advise me please if you know about any other app which would take data from quickfile and produce some smart cash flow forecasting report?
Thank you

Hi Martina_Sujova1,
You could may ask your accountant because they are often registered with (cloud) forecasting software providers. She/He may charge you something but should be cheaper than doing it on your own. I am not aware of a complete free provider but there are a few which give a trial period. But for a accurate forecast the trial period is most of the time not enough. If you need it for only 80 to 100 days then the free trials may good enough, for anything longer, 12 month or so, you will need to pay. So, it is maybe worth to ask your/a accountant.


Thank you for your respond back.
I have accounting business, there is nobody in our team who would know about anything ells…
So that is the reason I need solution how to use quickfile and some cash flow forecasting app… The rest of apps look like they only work with connection to xero and quickbooks.

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