How can I download historic data?

Hi, any admins available please? I’m due to renew my subscription, but I’m looking to move to another supplier, is there anyway to download my old data so I can import please?


Hi @Jsmith9114

You can get CSV copies of your files by running a back up on your account.i f you’re being prompted to renew the subscription when you log in, if you let me know the last 3 digits of your account number, or the name of your business (please send this in a private message), then I’ll arrange for a back up to be emailed to you.

We’ll be sorry to see you go! If you have any feedback, we’ll welcome it (you can send this in a private message if you wish, by clicking on my name and then ‘Message’)

That’s great, thanks I’ll PM you now.

I’ve used QuickFile for a number of years, but I have been thinking about leaving since my first subscription payment last year. I realise that the charge is lower than all most all the other competition, but I’m just finding the lack of mobile app and the site being tablet unfriendly more and more of an annoyance now.


Thanks for you feedback @Jsmith9114, it’s much appreciated.

I’ve mentioned this elsewhere but I’ve always felt that developing native mobile/tablet apps isn’t the best use of our resources. It’s very much like building a parallel version of our web application and again for each device e.g. iOS, Android, Windows Phone. A good number of our competitors do have apps but I’ve not seen any that really work that well (take a look at the reviews on the app store), and they are essentially cut down versions of the main web application. Also none of them work without an internet connection, so you can’t use them offline.

I’m surprised you say that the site is tablet unfriendly. I use QF a lot from my iPad and it works pretty well. We’ve done quite a bit over the last year to make the web application more responsive within mobile browsers, we’ll certainly be continuing to further optimise QF for mobile in 2017.

There are some accounting functions (particularly those that need to harness the phone’s camera & sensors) that can’t be done yet in a mobile browser. E.g. receipt capture and point of sale orders, for these specific use-cases we do certainly see value in developing native apps.

Again thank you for the feedback and for using QuickFile, I hope you find a solution that works for your business.

Thanks for replying Glenn

For me, not being able to use the receipt hub on a phone/tablet is a big issue for me, I do realise that it’s browser limitations rather than the QuickFile system, but can’t see anyway round it without either an app or doing it on a PC.


Hi @Jsmith9114

After some testing today we did identify a slight problem with the way documents are rendered in the Receipt Hub when using a tablet device. Not all mobile browsers were allowing for zoom and scroll on the preview of PDF documents. This has now been addressed.

We’ve also modified some input fields to so that the number keyboard appears when numbers are required, rather than having to manually switch each time.

As @Glenn mentioned we are looking to continue optimising QuickFile for mobile use. If there’s any specific areas you feel could be improved please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Thanks @QFMathew
I wa unaware that the receipt hub and PDF rendering was now working on tablet devices. I’ve just managed to tag a couple of receipts via my iPad. :slight_smile:

Now that this part of quicklfile is working I’m more than happy to continue using it.

Thank you both for your updates.