How can I include a job reference on invoice?

Hi i send 13 invoices a month to one single company they are for each conservatory that wire up.

How would I put a “job reference/address”

on each invoice so that the customer knows which job the particular invoice is for.

Regards Dan.

May be try using boxed labeled “Purchase Reference” or “Additional comments” on sales invoices

great invoice notes will do the job thanks.

ok still not a great solution because the additional notes section is neither searchable or listed under sales lists so i am going to end up with hundreds of invoices and no way of going back and seeing which one is for what job address without manually clicking on each invoice in turn to check.

any other ideas ?
regards dan.

i didnt want to use purchase reference because i was going to use this field to link the invoice to materials reference from the wholesaler when buying materials for the job

you can try project tagging option, once project tag created , applied and saved, you can generate reports based on projects to get list of items making it

Hi @Boyeselectrical

Each invoice has a “name”, which is, by default, made up of the first 35 characters of the top line on the invoice (but you can override this). This doesn’t show on the invoice itself, but it would be searchable. However, perhaps something like the below would work for you?

Create the invoice, setting the top line to a comment line (click the cog and then click “Convert to a comment line”). Enter the address on this line.

This way, it shows up on the invoice, and it also shows up as the address on the invoice page (and is searchable). It is however capped at 35 characters, but hopefully this will help.

Another solution would be to re-use the “Purchase Reference” field (top right when editing the invoice). Again, this will then show on the invoice, and is searchable. It’s also worth adding here that the label on the invoice can be changed if needed.

I think combined with project tags like @FaradayKeynes suggested, hopefully you can find a workable solution.

thanks for the help

I have settled on putting job address in the first item line of the invoice and converting to a description line. really happy with this solution as like you say it is searchable and also names the invoice without entering it twice.

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