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How can I part deliver Purchase Orders

Hi, Is there a feature that allows us to’PART’ DELIVER from one single Purchase Order to Customers?
On a regular basis we delivery say, 5/10 qty from one line on an order, or we deliver a full line from a Purchase Order that has multiple lines. Does QuickFile have this feature? if so, please advise how I can do this.

Hi @AbacusFabs

You can add the Purchase Order reference in the Purchase reference box so you can reference the same PO number when you only part deliver

Hi @QFBeth, thank you for replying. :blush:

You may have to be a little patient as I’m just familiarising myself with QF. I’m not quite understanding where to go from your reply. The only stumbling block I’ve come across is Part Deliveries. Loving QF otherwise.

It’s a Sales Estimate (Order Acknowledgement) for a Customer that we need to deliver out, then part invoice. It’s rare we deliver a full Sales Order due to the nature of our work. Also we receive part deliveries from Suppliers, then in turn, receive part invoices from Suppliers.

I need a way to create a del note with the actual lines or quantities being delivered that day then convert to an invoice. Thanks


This might help you with creating delivery notes: Creating delivery notes

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