How can I remove an HTML character  showing on Letter Reference

I have created several letters in quickfile with a phrase which includes a £ symbol in the ‘Reference’ text, but when quickfile creates the printable letter it shows an HTML Â character before the £ symbol in the final copy? I have tried using different browsers, but get the same result. Any ideas how to remove this character please ?

Leave as is, we’ll take a look now and correct where necessary. We’ll also look into why the encoding issue appeared in the first place.

Try £ instead of £

That would probably work, but it’s a bit of a hack :smile:

Many thanks - that work around has worked actually.   Having searched the internet, it does look like
an encoding issue, but I thought one of my browsers might have corrected
it?  In the meantime, thank you for your very quick response :slight_smile: I can
now get on and print those letters for customers … Your assistance is
very much appreciated - regards Mike R

Just out of interest did you copy + paste the text into the letter composer on Quick File? This is what usually causes these problems, sometime the occasional non-ASCII character will sneak in. What I usually do is paste everything into Notepad, copy from there then paste into Quick File.

Hi Glen, apologies for delay in reply. No, I didn’t paste the text into quickfile, just entered a £ symbol as part of the message in the ‘Reference’ text. The workaround has now worked tho - thanks.

OK I think we may not be decoding the reference field properly. I’ll pass that on and we’ll get it fixed shortly.

This has been permanently fixed now so you should be able to use the £ symbol in the reference box rather than use the previously suggested hack. Just for future reference!

Thanks Glen, entering a £ symbol on the letter reference line now works fine - once again, many thanks for your quick response in resolving this issue. :slight_smile: