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How can we set up the auto banking feature?


One of my clients has attempted to utilize the auto banking feature within his Quickfile, and as I have yet to set up this feature with my own or any other client, I haven’t been able to assist him. Effectively, he banks with Barclays, and I gather he has paid the additional fee and I can see an account has appeared within the banking section of his Quickfile database. He told me that he had already paid in an attempt to gain this feature with an alternate account, so from what I gather he may have TWO accounts with the same account number and sort code set up on his Quickfile database, and if this is the case, the secondary service he gained today, will need to be refunded to him. None the less, IF he has the auto banking feature active within Quickfile, I need to know how this should be working so that I can assist him. Your advice will be appreciated! Thank you.


Hello @ernieparsons

The automated bank feeds subscription is per QuickFile account rather than bank account. Does he have 2 or more QuickFile accounts, or is it just that they have set it up for one bank account already?

The automated feed setup and usage depends on the bank itself. To get started, you would view the bank statement page, select More Options >> Activate bank feed. This will allow you to select the bank and follow the steps to set it up.

With Barclays in particular, they offer several methods to login. If you were to set it up using a memorable word then the feed will be automated, whereas using a Pinsentry set up would mean we’re unable to do it automatically.

An easy way to think of it, is when you log in, does anything change? If not, you should be able to set it up and let it run.

We’re certainly happy to help if there are any difficulties with the set up process - just let us know.

There’s more details on setting this up, including screenshots, here:
Yodlee Bank Feeds


Can i open a chat possibly because the instructions are specifically what’s not working


Hi Brendon,

Sure. However, if there’s an issue with the instructions then an answer may be better public to help other users too.

I’ll send you a private message shortly.


Gah! So now my subscription has run out and I really don’t want to renew as I’ve found a much easier and cheaper system. With all these issues I’m having I’m not willing to renew and obviously I wanted to solve these issues before my subscription ran out.

Please advise


I’ve replied on your private message with more details.


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